Mark Avery



On judging the Environmental Poet of the Year prize


I am greatly looking forward to reading the entries for this new prize. I hope to be delighted, challenged and surprised by the entries as a whole.
As an environmental campaigner I spend a lot of time thinking about how wonderful the natural world is, how much we have assaulted it and what is needed to undo that damage. Poems that occupy any of those three areas will certainly get my attention, and any that manage to cover all three may do so even more. But I’m waiting to be surprised by what you write and by what resonates with me. What type of hard-hitting poems would Shelley be writing today?
Might there be entries that use poetry to explain the facts of environmental change in a striking way? Can poetry reproduce or exceed the clarity of a graph?
Remember the deadline is midnight on Thursday 1 September.

Environmental Poet of the Year prize

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